BASMATI BROWN RICE/ பாஸ்மதி கைகுத்தல் அரிசி


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It is the best option for preparing all types of Rice Meals as it is tasty and healthy at the same time.

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Healthy and natural Organic Positive’s Brown rice is a 100% natural product and has authentic natural nutrients.


Speeds up weight loss
Controls diabetes
Satiates your sweet tooth
Makes your heart healthier
Relieves insomnia
Boosts the immune system, and
Improves overall Health

PRO TIP: Speed up your weight loss journey with Organic Positive’s Basmati Brown Rice

Organic Positive 

We love to serve healthy plus chemical free food! 


Mostly the use of Brown Rice is done by many Fitness Freak people but you can also try it by preparing Khichdi, Pulao or Biryani by using them.

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