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When it comes to breakfast, nothing comes close to the flakes that are a breakfast staple across many parts of India. Flattened rice is a rice dish made from raw, toasted rice grains pounded into flakes. Rich in fibre and a good source of antioxidants, carbohydrates, iron and essential vitamins.

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Black Rice Flakes 150g
Thooyamalli Falkes 150g
Poongar Flakes 150g
Little Millet Flakes 150g

Health Benefits:
1. Controls Blood Sugar Levels
2. A Good Source Of Healthy Carbohydrates
3. Rich In Iron
4. Low In Calories

Black Rice Flakes 150g, Thooyamalli Rice Flakes 150g, Poongar Flakes 150g, Little Millet Flakes 150g

Organic Positive:
We process our food naturally, just like our ancestors did to make our products high in nutrients.

Flakes are eaten as is, toasted, fried, or used as ingredients or toppings for other dishes. It is used to make tastier pohas or a variety of chivdas in breakfast, brunch or mid-meal snacks because it is easily digested by your body. So, Enjoy the delicious flakes at your home.


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