INSTANT RED RICE DOSA MIX/ சிகப்பு அரிசி தோசை கலவை – 250gm


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This russet-colored, Nutrient -rich rice with a nutty flavor goes well with meats and vegetables. A good source of fiber, red rice meets your iron needs too. Red rice is a perfect addition to your daily diet as it is a whole grain. Whole grains retain the entire grain seed, including the germ, bran, and endosperm. Red rice contains a component called anthocyanin and hence it is consumed either partially hulled or unhulled. The color of red rice is due to this component. It has high nutrient content as compared to other rice varieties. Red rice contains red husk and is loaded with the goodness of nature.  

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Red rice is enriched with antioxidants and magnesium

Red rice helps in controlling diabetes as it helps in regulating the insulin level

Red rice also has several pulmonary benefits

Red rice is also a great source of fiber and has several digestive functions

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We process our food naturally, just like our ancestors did to make our products high in nutrients.


Add water to the instant Dosa mix and mix well. Set the batter aside for 30 minutes. Use Dosa Tawa to make the dosa, and add a little ghee/oil on top. Cook on both sides for 5 – 7 mins. Serve with sambhar & chutney.

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