KARUPATTI JANGIRI/ கருப்பட்டி ஜாங்கிரி


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Karupatti is Known as Palm Sugar(Pure Form of Sugar), is Chemical-free. It is Good to replace white sugar with Karupatti not only healthy it is vegan too Karupatti Jangiri / Palm Jaggery Jangiri Is A South Indian Styled Sweet. Karupatti Jangri/ Palm Jangiri Is Similar To Traditional Jangiri, While This Is Made Up Of Fried Jaggery To Provide Crispiness With A Dip In Jaggery Syrup.

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  • Rich in minerals and nutrients 
  • Helps in digestion and boosts energy 
  • Helps to lose weight 
  • Delicious substitute for refined sugar


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Preservative Free, No Artificial Colors, Natural


It can be consumed Directly as a snack 

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