MANGO POWDER/ மாம்பழம் பவுடர்


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Made from the choice of young mangoes in the latest dehydrating technology, Organic Positive Mango Powder retains the flavor, fragrance and zest of the king of fruits. A go-to spice powder to add sourness to a dish without increasing the liquid quotient.

Once added to your dish keeps the guests wondering about its zesty piquancy. It is a great addition to chatpata chaats and makes everyone longing for more.

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Health Benefits:

  1. High in Iron
  2. Reduces acidity, improves digestion and enhances bowel movements
  3. Benefits cardiovascular health
  4. Detoxification
  5. Controls blood pressure and diabetes
  6. Improves vision
  7. anti-ageing effect
  8. Boosts metabolism

Organic Positive:

We strive to provide 100% authentic products by maintaining the best & verified quality.


Organic Positive Mango Powder is ideal for adding a tany zing and fragrance of mangoes to a wide range of dishes, salads, beverages and more.

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