RED GLUTINOUS FLAKES / சிவப்பு கவுனி அவல்


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The name Red rice was given to this type of grain due to the presence of anthocyanin content in it, which makes the color rice look red. It is also called Cargo rice. It has a distinct nutty taste. It has a high nutritional value compared to other rice types. It is usually advised fitness trainers take enough red rice to control high blood sugar and for patients with heart issues

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  • It contains antioxidants such as Iron, Zinc, and Manganese
  • It is highly rich in fiber and iron
  • It prevents us from having eyesight problems or glaucoma
  • It is a wonderful cure for those who are looking for weight loss

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The Flakes can be made into tasty recipes like poha buttermilk, soaked poha sweet drink, upma, Kesari, laddoo, and fried rice.

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