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The variety is also suitable for growing in the vicinity of lakes.  Hence, it is also called Eri Nel (Eri means lake). Another name for this variety is Maduvu Muzhungi. Maduvu in Tamil means pond / lake.  It is said that people travelled by Boats and harvested “Samba Mosanam” in the lakes.   During the summer seasons when the ponds / lakes are dry the seeds are sown. Right after rainfall the seeds sprout and the plants grown.  As the water increases in the pond due to the increasing the rainfall the plant also grows taller and taller above the water. Since it grows above the water in the pond it is called “Maduvu Muzhungi” (literally meaning one that swallows the pond).   Since this withstands both drought and flooding and gives a reasonable yield it is known as Samba Mosanam (Mosanam means one that does not fail).

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You can convert them into a Barter for Idli or Dosa and use them to prepare yummy fluffy Idli and also soft Dosa. 


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