VALLARAI POWDER/வல்லாரை பொடி


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Vallarai Keerai, also known as Gotu Kola, is a popular green leafy vegetable utilized extensively in conventional South Indian cooking

It is a powerful medicinal herb that confers immense health benefits primarily for enhancing brain activity and nervous system functioning, besides mitigating joint pain in arthritis, healing stomach ulcers, and decreasing stress, and anxiety.

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Health Benefits:  

  • It is a natural herb that includes phosphorus, copper, iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc
  • Improves brain functions and boosts the immune system
  • Promotes cardiac muscle activity, lowers the amounts of bad LDL cholesterol 
  • Relaxes Muscle cramps and treats constipation 


Organic Positive: We offer Fine Quality Vallarai Powder, Special care is taken to use fresh and pure ingredients, and the herbs are properly cleansed and processed as per the traditional methods to retain their natural aroma, color, taste, purity, and effectiveness and maintain quality. 

Usage: This vallarai keerai powder can be mixed with warm rice and ghee or consumed as a beverage with chilled water and jaggery.For Adults Mix one teaspoon of Vallarai powder in a glass of water and drink.  1/2 spoonful of Vallarai powder can be mixed with milk and given to children.


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