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More Vitamins and Minerals

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More Vitamins and Minerals

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ORGANIC POSITIVE – Healthy Authentic Food Stories

At Organic Positive, we pride ourselves on being able to bring the authentic food stories of our first line farmers back to your routine. We work with the farmers to get the food that they need to market in the way that they want it delivered- natural and healthy. We make every bite wholesome and healthy. Any product that is from our hands is health qualified and we customize and deliver the product the way our customers wanted.

We process our food the natural way – just like our ancestors did – in order to raise above the general standards and deliver a healthy, wholesome product that our customers can trust. All this happens at our own manufacturing unit.

We also offer our customers the option of visiting our unit whenever they want. Please contact us if you wish to visit the location.


Traditional Organic Food

Organic Positive is reintroducing traditional and authentic food staples to the market, with a twist in how they are processed – the natural way, just like our forefathers. The processing streamline whistled quite loudly above the general way, but we believe that this is  what people require, the right one, the right way from the right people. We make sure that every bite is wholesome and healthy. Any product that leaves our hands is health-certified, and we customise and deliver the product exactly how our customers want it.

Organic Farming & Production

Organic farming & production is a sustainable practice. It benefits not only farmers but also the environment and ecosystem by providing plant nutrients and controlling insects, pests and weeds. It is also environmentally friendly. By keeping crop residues, animal manures, off-farm organic wastes, green manures, bio-fertilizers, and bio-pesticides on the field, Organic production maintains soil productivity in local ecosystems. This reduces the need for fertilizers that are imported from outside sources and reduces deforestation while providing income to the farmer.

Own Production Unit

At Organic Positive, you get back to the roots of healthy eating. With our own production unit, we give you ecologically sustainable food produce that is economically viable. We believe that local is fresh and pure. Try our healthy gourmet meal solutions today, and we’ll show you the way to a healthier, happier lifestyle! Rejuvenate your body and soul!! Choose Organic Positive. 



Explore our easy, healthy mains & sides recipes.



Reasons why you should choose organic

The National Academy of Sciences reports that 90% of the chemicals applied to foods have not been tested for long-term health effects before being deemed “safe.” Further, the FDA tests only 1% of foods for pesticide residue.

Kavuni rice | The forbidden treasure

Did you know that the usage of indigenous rice varieties is the new cool? If not, read this and discover how the consumption of traditional rice varieties can change your life! Cool facts on indigenous rice varieties! Well done!

Magic Millets

We are very excited to introduce another healthy family of grains to you!They are none other than the “Magic Millets”! Mrs. Krithiga’s story – “I would like to share a story that happened in my life.

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