Discover our passion for authentic and organic ancestral foods!! Our journey began several years ago when I got tired of what the world around me was offering to me and my family, especially my babies.

So, I decided to grow and produce food items for ourselves. We were happy and definitely healthier than ever. When I got pregnant with my second baby, though I was tired, I continued doing what I was doing for our small family. But one day, it struck me and I thought to myself, “what about other babies? What about other families?”!!

There it began – at organic positive, we offer grains especially millet, rice, and powder varieties, batter and whole spices and oils to make your life easy and healthy! We did not gather expertise from the world rather it began from my very home as I started to feed my family and children. That’s where my passion took shape.

From a mother’s heart to the heart of all of you…it’s time to eat healthily, it’s time to know your food and it’s time to choose!

With lots of love,

Krithiga Prabakaran…
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