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It is one of the first grains in ancient civilizations. Barley rice which is barley arisi in Tamil is cheap and easy to add to diet grain. This barley grain is a rich pack of nutrients and health benefits. Our product is the only thing you need, to collect health benefits for your body.

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Health benefits:

  1. It helps to improve digestion
  2. It serves as a weight-loss diet
  3. Improves Heart Health
  4. Regular intake of barley helps reduce cholesterol levels in your body
  5. Barley reduces the risk of a type of diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels
  6. Improves insulin secretion
  7. Improves Immunity System

Organic Positive:

Organic Positive Procures from authorized organic farmers so that consumers can enjoy the pleasures of nature and cook nutritionally balanced, wholesome and chemical-free meals, which is an essential aspect of overall wellness.


Barley is a delicious, fibre-rich ancient grain with a mild, slightly nutty taste & chewy texture. It’s often used in soups & stews, and it goes well in casseroles and salads too.

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