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Black/ Karuppu Kavuni Rice is full of antioxidants and anthocyanins. The rice is black in color if cooked it turns purple. This is also called ‘forbidden rice’ or ‘The maharaja’s rice. This rice which is known to be originated from China/ Burma region said to be forbidden to common people and only the King’s family harvested it for themselves. Mostly all black rice have said to be hailed from China/ Burma. Karuppu (Black) Kavuni is a black rice variety cultivated in Tamil Nadu. A large number of people who migrated from Burma may have gotten this variety to Tamilnadu around 200 years back when they migrated for trading.

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  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in fiber, iron, and other minerals
  • Boosts heart health and has anti-cancer properties 
  • Supports eye health and is gluten-free
  • Aids in weight loss and lowers sugar levels 

Organic Positive:  

No added artificial colors, or flavors, and no added preservatives.


Add 1 full teaspoon of organic positive black kavuni health mix with little water and take it as a thick paste and add it to the Boiled water and add a little pinch of salt to it.

Add palm sugar or natural sugar for a better taste

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