Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil : 100% Pure and Unrefined

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“Experience the authentic goodness! Our Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil is extracted from sun-drenched groundnuts using a time-honored wooden mill.”

  • Nutrient-Packed: “A true powerhouse of nutrients! Packed with plant sterols, protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and Vitamin E, this oil is your ticket to health.”
  • Preservative-Free: “No additives, no fuss! Revel in pure goodness with our preservative-free Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil – nature’s gift to your kitchen.”
  • High Smoke Point: “Turn up the heat! Perfect for high-temperature cooking, this oil boasts an impressive smoke point for all your culinary adventures.”
  • Heart-Healthy: “Love your heart, love this oil! Enriched with plant sterols and Omega-3 fatty acids, it’s your heart’s best friend in the kitchen.”
  • Diabetes-Friendly: “Smart choices for sugar control! This oil is a diabetic-friendly companion, ensuring your meals are as health-conscious as you are.”
  • Cancer Risk Reduction: “Guardian of health! Packed with antioxidants, our oil is your ally in reducing the risk of cancer – a flavorful shield for your well-being.”
  • Zero Transfats: “Say goodbye to the bad stuff! Our oil is your guilt-free pleasure – zero transfats, all the flavor, and goodness.”
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1) Is cold-pressed groundnut oil healthy?

Cold-pressed groundnut oil is healthy, preserving nutrients, antioxidants, and natural flavor. It’s rich in beneficial fats for heart health and vitamin E for skin and oxidative damage protection. Its chemical-free processing makes it a healthier cooking option.

2) Which is better first pressed or cold pressed groundnut oil?

Cold-pressed and first-pressed groundnut oil both indicate quality extraction methods preserving nutrients and flavor. Cold-pressed oil, extracted without heat, retains maximum nutrients and natural properties. First-pressed usually means the oil comes from the first extraction, offering high quality and purity. While both are healthy, cold-pressed might have a slight edge in nutritional value due to the absence of heat, ensuring all beneficial compounds are intact. Ultimately, both are excellent choices, depending on personal preference for taste and nutritional content.

3) Which type of groundnut oil is best?

The best type of groundnut oil is cold-pressed groundnut oil. This oil is extracted using a method that doesn’t involve heat, ensuring that most of the nutrients, antioxidants, and the natural flavor of the groundnuts are preserved. Cold-pressed groundnut oil is richer in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids compared to oils processed with heat. Its production method also ensures it’s free from harmful chemicals and preservatives, making it a healthier choice for cooking and consumption. Additionally, it has a high smoke point, making it versatile for various cooking methods without compromising its nutritional value.

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