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  • Highly Aromatic: Make every bite aromatic and full of flavor with the rich taste of Organic Positive Garam Masala.
  • With Natural Oils: Made from whole spices that retain their natural oils.
  • Sourced From Best of Farms: This masala contains unique flavored spices which add an earthy flavor to it.
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Health Benefits:

  1. Helps with Digestion
  2. Provides Strong Antioxidants
  3. Regulates Blood Pressure & Improves Heart Health
  4. Reduces Inflammation
  5. Lowers Cancer Risk
  6. Fights Oral Bacteria
  7. Enhances Nutrient Absorption
  8. Defends against Diabetes
  9. Protects Your Nerve system

Organic Positive:

We process our food the natural way, just like our ancestors did in order to make our products high in nutrients.


All kinds of veg and non-veg dishes.

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