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Jaggery powder is made from the sap of sugarcane that contains high amount and good quantity of sucrose. It is a delicious sweetener that can be used to replace the sugar in a lot of foods. it is golden brown in colour and has a distinct taste unlike the plain sweetness of sugar

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Aids in digestion and Detox the liver and blood.

Treat lung and bronchial infections.

Relieve constipation.

Increases energy levels.

Relieves stress.

Treats premenstrual syndrome.

Has antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties.

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Instead of using sugar in your tea or milk, you can mix jaggery powder, mix it with raagi malt or oats for breakfast. If you make sweet dishes such as kheer at home, use jaggery as a sweetener instead of sugar. You can also try the jaggery candy sweets made with peanuts or sesame seeds moulded with melted and hardened jaggery, or you can consume jaggery powder directly, as it is.

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