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 Poongar Rice is one of the traditional rice, it is slightly reddish in color and resembles Mappilai Samba Rice. This rice has more iron, magnesium, and zinc compared to other colored grains. Our descendants believed that these nutrients are highly recommended for women, right from her puberty stage to prenatal and postnatal to lactating phase and till her menopause period. Now this Poongar Rice comes as a lifesaver, when consumed from the puberty stage, it provides all the essential nutrients, regulates their hormonal functions, and boosts the immune system.

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Helps to cure celiac diseases, lower diabetes, and obesity reduces cholesterol and manages heart diseases.

It contains vitamin B1 which is especially helpful in case of mouth and stomach ulcers and stomach-related problems

An abundant source of anti-oxidants– Ferulic acid, Coumaric acid, and Anthocyanins

This rice is a good source of a gluten-free diet


Organic Positive:

Preservative Free, No Artificial Colors, Natural


Add 1 full teaspoon of organic positive Poongar satthu maavu with little water and take it as a thick paste and add it to the Boiled water and add a little pinch of salt to it. Add palm sugar or natural sugar for a better taste.

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