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Maize is commonly known as corn in some countries and is the largest crop. These are grown under hygienic conditions in Indian fields. 

We offer the best quality Maize, which is free from any bacteria and fungal diseases. To preserve natural taste and nutrition value for a longer time period we pack them in quality packaging material.

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Health Benefits:

  1. Augments Eye & Heart Health
  2. Supplies essential amino acids
  3. Fortifies Bone Density
  4. Keeps Blood Sugar Levels in Check
  5. Treats Anemia
  6. Boosts nervous system function 

Organic Positive:

We process our food the natural way, just like our ancestors did in order to make our products high in nutrients.


It can be used in a form like Chapattis, in breakfast food like corn flakes & popcorn and many more.

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