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Vallarai keerai improves Memory Power” is what we have known all these days!!? But Vallarai is a flourishing herbal wonder loaded with immense health benefits. 


Vallarai Keerai, Gram dal, Urad dal, Friedgram, Dry red chillies, Sesame Seeds, Curry leaves, Garlic, Pepper, Hing and Himalayan Rock Salt.

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     Health Benefits:

  1. Vitamin C is abundant in Vallarai Keerai. It also provides enough vital dietary fibres and proteins and is low in calories to assist manage body weight.
  2. Additionally, it provides the essential range of B vitamins needed to control metabolism and cellular energy needs.
  3. Brahmoside, brahminoside, and centelloside, a special mix of advantageous compounds in vallarai keerai, help to improve memory, concentration, and intellect.
  4. The Central Nervous System’s neurotransmitter activity is stimulated by including a modest amount of vallarai keerai in one’s regular diet.
  5. The simplest way to incorporate all of these health advantages of this herbal wonder into your regular diet is to eat Vallarai Idli Podi!

Organic Positive:

We process our food the natural way, just like our ancestors did in order to make our products high in nutrients.


Can be used while making kootu , sambar, soups and for making chutney.

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