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Nutrolite Elaichi flavour  is a multimineral and multivitamin drink. It provides 11 essential minerals and 13 essential vitamins along with antioxidant benefits of organically grown plant concentrate Nutrolite helps in meeting the daily nutritional requirements when consumed along with a regular diet.

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Nutrolite contains 11 minerals and 13 vitamins, which helps support balanced nutritional coverage in the body.

It comprises 12 nutrients that support immunity.

Possesses antioxidant benefits.

Biotin assists in maintaining healthy skin and hair.

Niacin, Vitamin C, and B- Vitamin supports immunity, energy and reduces tiredness.

Iodine and Iron supports mental performance and help in supporting the nervous system.

Organic Positive:

Preservative Free, No Artificial Colors, Natural


It can be mixed with hot milk and can be consumed

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