My Rebirth & My Mission

My Rebirth & My Mission

Last week, I made a promise to everyone about sharing with you, the art of sustainable living.

Here I am, to start with the story of …


before we discuss the details in our series THE ART OF SUSTAINABLE LIVING

This is Krithiga Prabakaran, the founder of Organic Positive. I am on a mission to transform the lifestyle of 1 lakh people.

I plan to educate and inspire you all to consume indigenous rice varieties and millets, to avoid the usage of white and adulterated toxic food in your day to day life.

I worked as a software engineer in a MNC for 6 years. I never had thought about organic food, sustainable living, Indigenous rice varieties, millets etc..

I was a person who loves pizza, burger, Fried chicken and all possible junk foods.

As a middle class family girl, I lived with maida, refined oil, refined sugar.

Then what made me to change my lifestyle?

It is a simple thought process that came to me when I became pregnant , for the very first time , The mother’s instinct in me, started working. I had this amazing urge, to check around me, us and the world, see what is the BEST and give only that to my baby.

Have you ever looked around the world and ever thought about the below problems?

Did our ancestors have diabetics?

Did they have any fertility issues? Surprisingly they had min of 10+ children! drew my attention towards the magical words Organic , Traditional Foods.

If we go back and explore our respective family trees we knew our forefathers sometimes had more than one dozen siblings or atleast half a dozen.

Did the women in our lineage have PCOD nor did they mention of Hormonal imbalance?

And most importantly the Life threatening term CANCER, was it ever heard like how it is today?

Globally 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer and once a famous Oncologist mentioned that we are the poor generation going to see the death of the next generation death during our lifetime.

Let us make sure the life style we make today , makes the words of the onocologist untrue.

Life expectancy has decreased vastly due to diseases that are not contagious.

Diabetes , Heart Attacks, organ failures, to name a few.

These are the questions that struck me and drew me towards mindful eating throughout my pregnancy and I was blessed to have natural birthing.

Unfortunately my daughter had breathing issues and was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

I had planned a lot after her birth but I was not even able to give her my colostrum.

Motherhood Journey is unique and different for everyone.

When I started solid foods for my daughter, I dwelled even more into organic foods.

My first exploration was towards Native rice varieties, millets. The very First Rice I gave her was Mapillai Samba and then gave all rices in rotation.

This was the turning point in our lives to completely switch over from the polished and hybrid rice varieties to our native rice and millet varieties.

This is the reason that led to the beginning of my mission.

Throughout my second pregnancy, I was feeding my first child and later on tandem feeding both my children.

I am a woman , a mother , a person from a middle class household and possibly I can relate to many of you all reading this.

I understand that not many are aware of the practises of our ancestors and their healthy food habits.

We have forgotten the foods what our ancestors ate!

We forgot their lifestyle!

We forgot our traditional food crops !

We forgot our Indigenous rice and millets!

But I am here to help you all… a self starter on my mission but looking forward to get support from you all as I begin my baby steps with my brand Organic Positive.

Stay tuned to know more about Indigenous rices and millets.

We will explore more along the way.

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