Brown Rice vs White Rice – Know the Difference [2024]

Brown Rice vs White Rice – Know the Difference [2024]

Both rice farms are owned in India and available in Tamil Nadu. White Rice is cultivated and polished to promote more digestive health.  

Brown rice is cultivated and unpolished, and it has a natural nutritional composition. 

Tamilnadu people love to have a traditional variety of rice, a known popular and common is white rice, which is high in carbohydrates and low in fiber.  Coming to brown rice is rich in fiber.  

Both are good for digestive health.  White rice has lacked some of the nutrients found in brown rice. 

Brown rice vs white rice

Searching for delicious and nutritious food? Here are the benefits of rice comparison: White and brown rice are found in Tamil Nadu and are good for nutritious health.  

As a traditional food, rice is good for overall health being.  Choosing a variety of rice can be essential for being healthy.  Taking white rice regularly sounds good for nutrition.  

It can tune digestion and increase bowel movements.  A tasty food can be combined rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins, and protein, and low in the glycemic index you can prefer Brown rice. 

Taking a different variety of rice is your preference and comfort. Among the kind of rice variety is depends on your concern. 

Nutritional Comparison

A nutritional comparison of 1 cup of brown rice and 1 cup of white rice value is listed below table: 

Nutritional content Brown Rice White rice 
Fiber 1.6 g 0.4 g 
Calories 218 g 242 g 
Protein 4.52 g 4.43 g 
Vitamin B6 0.291 mg0.093 mg 
Fat 1.62 g 0.391 g
Carbohydrates 45.8 g 53.2 g 
Niacin 2.59 mg 3.42 mg 
Thiamine 0.199 mg 0.311 mg
Iron 1.03 mg 2.77 mg 
Magnesium 85.8 mg 24.2 mg 
Copper 0.158 mg 0.071 mg 
Phosphorus150 mg 68.8 mg
Zinc 1.4 g 0.8 g 
Manganese 2.14 mg 0.071 mg 

Digestibility and Energy Release 

White rice is good for digestion and helps to provide energy instantly.  Even it is low in fiber and also feels a quick tummy fill.  It undergoes milling and removes the bran and germ layer.   

However, increase in digestion may cause a rapid or spike in blood sugar levels. 

Brown rice is rich in fiber, making slower digestion cause delay in releasing energy.  It has low GI thus control the increase in the blood sugar level.  It is good for gut health. 

So, the choice of rice depends on the individual.  The taste and preferences are considered on yours. 

Health Benefits

There are a lot of health benefits included in brown rice, which is better than white rice.  

White rice can be easily chewy and digestible.  Brown rice may be hard to chew and less digestible consistently.  It has high fiber, vitamins B, minerals, protein, and iron compared to white rice which is only low in fiber. 

Brown rice promotes gut health, calories and is good for type 2 diabetes.  If you are planning for a healthy diet, it is a great meal to aid in weight management. 

According to study, says that incorporating brown rice into a meal can reduce chronic disease.    Whereas, white rice has a good energy source with low in fat and sodium. 

It is a traditional comfort food for all which makes a full-dietry meal.  If you want to add a nutritious diet, the high health benefit is leading with brown rice. 

Brown rice or white rice which is good for health 

Both are good for health.  White is most preferable on a plate, where brown rice has a good taste and high nutritious benefits.  Brown rice has whole grains, which is protected from blood pressure, cholesterol, and cancer. 

Brown rice can be given to all age groups of people.  And its texture is chewy and nuttier than white rice.  So, it may be hard for children or old people to grind. 

Containing high in fiber, and good calories it suits diabetes and type 2 diabetes.  Even though the nutritious is high for brown rice mindful of eating is better than avoiding a rapid increase in blood sugar level. 

Fiber Composition

Both are good in fiber.  To say in comparatively, Brown rice is rich in fiber can slow in digestion.  On the other hand white rice has low fiber which can rapidly cause digestion. 

White rice can boost energy instantly, brown rice is good for diabetes thereby slowing down the increase in Blood sugar levels.  

Rich in fiber is good for reducing constipation and aids weight management. 100 grams of brown rice contains 3.5 grams of fiber and for white rice is only 0.4 grams. 

If you want to increase your fiber content or you are facing indigestion, Brown rice can be the good option. 


Consuming rice is only on the individual taste and preference.  When you want to try a nutritious food and looking for a weight management meal, brown rice can be an advisable one to choose. 

Compared with brown rice, white rice only has endosperm and there is no whole-grain. It  can prevent cholesterol, weight and blood pressure in the body.


1.  Why do Chinese eat white rice instead of brown?

Research says that, even in brown rice, the nutritional benefit is high.  Brown rice is full of phytates and lectins which bind to vitamins and minerals.  It has the capacity to remove both vitamins and minerals. 

White rice can increase digestive health rather brown can play a later in digestion due to its rich fiber and chewy texture.

2.  Why is Brown rice more expensive than white rice?

People like to buy white rice, and the demand for production is based on a large amount of rice needed.  The marketing of brown can increased rather than white rice because it has more health benefits.  

And the production also increases than white rice where the bran layer is not removed.  Thus, the reason can make the retailers put a premium price tag for brown rice.

3.  Why replace white rice with brown rice?

It has high nutritional benefits compared to white rice and has bran, endosperm, and germ layers, but white rice only has endosperm.  Fiber content is high in brown rice, which can increase the slow down of the blood sugar level compared to white rice. 

4.  What are the pros and cons of brown rice?

Brown rice is rich in fiber might slow digestive health.  It has a low GI and is good for type 2 diabetes. It is present in bran, endosperm, and germ layer.  Its cooking is longer than white rice and also requires more water.  It has a chewy texture rather than white rice. 

5.  What are the pros and cons of white rice?

Consuming white rice can increase digestive health, which is low in fiber.  It is a common rice variety that can be available at an affordable, that any class of people can easily buy. 

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