Tips to Get Rid Of Insects In Organic Products | Prevent Bugs Easily In Organic Positive Groceries

It’s natural to get bugs in organic groceries because organic farming does not use chemical pesticides to ward off bugs. There are some tips to get rid of the bugs from it.

1. Store them in an airtight container once the grocery is received. Keep it in the same cover will allow the insects to

2. Add bay leaves/Neem Leaves / Cloves/Red chilli to the grocery box to get rid of the bugs.

3. Groceries can be kept in moderate sunlight . Bugs hate sunlight and they crawl slowly to some moist or dark places. Keep it a practice to keep the product under the sun.

4. Wash them well with water . Bugs float on top and then the grocery can be used.

5. In case the flour has bugs, sieve the flour and its ready to use. Groceries can also be stored in refrigerator but we don’t recommend it. Try to purchase organic groceries only for a month or less. Don’t store it in bulk. If storing it in bulk, make sure to follow practice of checking now and then for bugs.

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