Urad dal benefits with Nutritional Value [2024]

Urad dal benefits with Nutritional Value [2024]

Do you know the most commonly used pulse in South Indian cuisine? It’s the highly nutritious urad dal used to make world-famous breakfast delicacies like idli and dosa.

Urad dal offers numerous health benefits and can be used in three forms: whole black lentils, split lentils, and white lentils. Each form has different culinary applications. In India, urad dal is also used in Ayurvedic medicine for its therapeutic properties.

List of Urad dal Benefits

Benefits of Urad Dal:

  • Improves Gut Health
  • Increases the iron level in the body
  • Keeps your heart healthy
  • Balance your insulin production 
  • Best remedy for dull and frizzy hair
  • It helps to reduce your weight
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Maintain healthy kidneys
  • Healthy and glowing skin
  • Boost male reproduction

Nutritional Value of Urad Dal:

Nutritional value (100g per serving)Urad Dal
1.6 gramsFat
59 gramsCarbohydrate
25 gramsProtein
0.93 gramsPotassium
0.38 gramsSodium
314 calories

Is urad dal good for diabetes

Yes. Urad dal is good for individuals who are having diabetes. Due to its low glycemic property, urad dal increases the glucose slowly in the body. So, it is a good option for diabetic patients.

Is urad dal good for weight loss

Yes. Urad dal helps in losing weight, too. If you want to lose weight, add urad dal to your breakfast. But avoid taking urad dal at night. Its high dietary fiber makes your tummy filled for long hours. You can control your hunger by avoiding junk foods or any other food.

Is urad dal gluten-free

Yes. Black gram is gluten-free. Individuals who are interested in taking a gluten-free diet can take urad dal for its easy digestive properties and high nutritional value. Some people are not tolerant of gluten. So they are in search of Gluten-free products. You may take whole gram, split gram, or black gram flour in your food.

Is urad dal good for PCOS?

Yes. Urad dal is good for patients who are suffering from PCOS. PCOS forms because of hormonal imbalance, which can be treated by taking a proper diet. Urad dal acts as a catalyst in managing balanced hormonal functions in your body. Thus, your body automatically controls your PCOS problem.

Is urad dal good for pregnancy

As it is packed with more nutrients, it is very safe for pregnant women. You may take it in regular quantities and avoid excessive intake. It helps to increase the iron in your body. 

It also supports fetal brain development, increases blood count, and reduces constipation. It’s a good source of calcium and helps strengthen bones. It is the best choice for pregnant women to take urad dal in their food menu.

Can kidney patients eat urad dal?

Moderate intake of urad dal is advisable for Kidney patients. However, for renal failure patients, it should be avoided. The oxalates present in urad dal create more uric acid, which is not excreted by the kidney and thus forms kidney stones. Otherwise, you can take it once in a while but not regularly.


To conclude, Urad dal is used for many purposes in our Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic medicine. If we take it properly, we get more nutrients and a healthy body. It supports male reproduction as well as helps pregnant women to get more benefits.

Children who want to gain weight can take it regularly to see the best results. The recipes are made from urad dal like ulunthu kali, kanji, chutney, idli, dosa, etc.

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