Introducing Native Rice Varieties – Coloured Rice Variants

Introducing Native Rice Varieties – Coloured Rice Variants

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I know it has been a little longer waiting than the previous write–up. We have had some happenings. We celebrated our half birthday mid-last week and, we rolled out to our customers an Order Form to place their orders. 

As we are celebrating our half birthday, we do have some special discounts for our customers. So, if you are planning on refilling your organic supplies, do get in touch with us. 

We are also sourcing many new variants of rice from organic farmers directly. We will update our website, with the information as soon as stocks arrive. 

Today, we present to you the Concluding Part: Our Native Rice Varieties, in delightful hues…

As promised in this edition, we bring to you the details on Red, Brown & Black Native Rice Varieties that you can use in your everyday consumption.

At the outset, the Red, Black variants were predominantly cultivated for consumption as Porridge in liquid form, as Fermented Rice water. Basically, all of these rice varieties can be used for making Porridge, to grind as rice batter along with Urad, or on other days, for making Idly (Steamed Rice Cakes), Dosai (Rice Pan Cakes), Paniyaram (Ball Shaped Dumplings), Idiyappam (String Hopper), Kheer / Payasam, Porridge. Apart from this, a few variants can also be consumed in the place of everyday rice. Also, sweets and savories can be prepared using these amazing rice varieties, which have an amazing aroma and sweetness and make it an easier choice to convert all our traditional sweets and savories into a healthy variant as well. It is interesting to mention that a few of my customer’s children too love consuming, all of the above-mentioned variants prepared using our traditional colored rice varieties. I hear positive feedback from all age groups of my customers. Thanks to you all, for trusting us in this fulfilling journey and making healthier choices for your lifestyle.

Let us go into our subject today, hope this is going to be a beneficial read for you.

The Red Rice called Poongar is an excellent choice for Women – of all ages. Women, in general, can consume this rice and reap its benefit, according to their age-wise needs. These days, we see and hear that young girls attain puberty even when their age is in the single digit, due to hormonal imbalances and consumption of genetically modified foods. Also, women of menstruating age, and women trying to conceive face problems such as PCOS / PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / Disease) and thus infertility and other related ailments, some of which they are not even aware of until they begin to take blood works, scans and explore the reasons. This rice when consumed over a period, helps to regulate the Hormone Functions and thus provides immense benefits. This is excellent for pregnant women, to be included as part of their diet, as it flushes out unwanted water content and helps them with a healthier pregnancy and delivery without any complications. Include this amazing Red Rice in any form as mentioned above and make the womenfolk of your home experience good health.

Like the Poongar Riceanother red rice variant is the Pisini Rice, which is said to help women who go through menstrual issues, PCOD / PCOS to overcome them and regularise their hormone functions. 

Rich in Iron, Zinc, and Micronutrients is this Red Rice called Mappilai Samba, the name may look familiar and may be hilarious! But this is not a joke, this variant is an absolute must in the houses of To Be Bride – Grooms, in the olden days. Even to this day, those families who are consuming traditional rice varieties, definitely consume this rice once or twice every week. This is because of the immense property it has in providing strength both physically and mentally to the person who consumes it over a period. It increases the hemoglobin, thus increasing immunity. Also, it is good for our nervous system. Interestingly, in olden times, the groom had to lift a heavy rock and throw it (இளவட்டக்கல்), to marry his bride, not everyone can do it easily and men make themselves stronger to do this act. This rice was also given to men for the said purpose.  

Men and Women, of them, can have Poongar and Mapilai Samba Rice. Since we have mentioned gender-specific benefits, it is no reason for the other gender not to consume. 

A boon for those suffering from the lifestyle-induced, peril, Diabetes is the Red Variant called Kaatuyanam, the name is derived from the huge size and density of this crop ( 8 feet), behind which an elephant can hide and the very fact that it provides immense strength to those who consume it, made our ancestors name this, as such. A person who diligently follows a 40-day routine of consuming fermented rice water of the Kaatuyanam rice everyday morning on an empty stomach is sure to make him / her free from diabetes in the long run. However, consistency and following healthy food habits, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle along with consumption of traditional rice are what will make one stronger, and healthier and ward away diseases. This is also very good for those suffering from constipation and it is said to heal cancer. 

Rich Red rice, Rajamudi gets its name from the persons who consumed it. The Royals of Mysore grew these for their consumption. This rice is partially white and partially red. It can be cooked as normal rice and or can be used in any of the above-mentioned methods. It expels toxins outside of the body quickly and thus a person who has been sick can quickly heal himself/herself by consuming this rice. It is rich in antioxidants and zinc. This fibre-rich rice keeps diabetes at bay. While it heals and repairs the internal organs, it improves one’s immunity. It also contains Vitamins, Proteins, and Calcium. My customers who consumed this told me that it kept them feeling full for longer hours than normal white rice. So, indeed, if you do not have the inhibition to consume only white rice varieties as part of everyday food, you must give this a try. The kings had it at one point, why not us? 

Weightwatchers, this is for you, one of the short variants of Red Rice is the KullakaarIt is rich in zinc, iron, and antioxidants, which help one to build immunity. During such pandemic times, as this, Foods which are rich in zinc, and iron and that contain antioxidants are recommended by doctors, across the globe. Our mother earth has been generous enough to bless us with such rice varieties which when consumed can replace any artificial dietary supplements or medication. This rice also contains complex carbohydrates and hence it is apt for those who are on the path to reducing weight. You can consume this in any form you like as specified above. 

Navara is my personal favorite. This is because my elder daughter, was underweight and while exploring mindful eating practices and more specifically, choosing that for my child, I preferred this rice over others. It led me to begin my journey here as an entrepreneur of Organic Foods. Giving my child Navara has helped me visibly experience the joys of motherhood through good health for her with healthier weight gain. It is an excellent Weaning Food, First Foods for babies. I personally recommend this to every new mom I talk to. It not only helps the infant but also provides nutrition to an unborn child, in the womb of a mother. Pregnant Women can also have this rice, and it directly has a positive impact on fetal health due to the presence of medicinal properties in it. 

A very good coolant for body heat is the Red Rice variant, Ottadayan. It reduces body heat, boosts immunity, and strengthens one’s overall physique. It is also diabetic-friendly rice. This rice has a property similar to that of the Kavuni Rice, which is a Black Variant, and it was called the Forbidden Rice, as the consumption was only for the Royals. While people were penalized for growing or consuming them. Kavuni Rice is said to have properties to prevent and cure Cancer. 

Sigapu Kavuni or the Red Glutinous Ricehelps to reduce bad cholesterol. The presence of Monacolin K is what gives this rice, the said property. It helps to get a clear vision in those suffering from eyesight disorders and even curing conditions like Glaucoma. The glycaemic index of this rice is low, and it helps in better metabolism, thus reducing glucose levels and controlling obesity. It also cures Asthma. 

Varappu Kudainchan is a Red Rice, that is good for those suffering from Anaemia, Constipation, and Nervous Disorders. It strengthens the nervous system, thus preventing the recurrence of nerve-related issues when consumed. 

Red rice with natural detoxing properties is the Karunkuruvai. In the olden days, this was advised to be consumed by those who fell ill frequently and those who were ailing from incurable diseases. The modern-day’s issues of arthritis, orthopedic disorders, and elephantiasis, can be controlled and cured when this rice is consumed. It also helps in providing relief from skin issues and controlling cholesterol levels. This rice is suitable for children, and those who have restrictions in eating certain foods due to allergies, without any discomfort to their internal system. 

Similar to the above, another red rice Kuruvikkar helps individuals to bounce back to good health sooner when they are in the recuperating phase. This rice is best consumed as a porridge for getting its full benefits. 

One other red rice is the Arubatham Kuruvai.  It gains its name based on the time it takes to grow. Also, this is an excellent rice for maintaining one’s bone health and strengthening of bones, while it also keeps a check on your diabetes and keeps your heart healthy. It is interesting to know, this crop is only close to 3 feet in size, but the vast benefits it gives you helps you a long way to lead a healthy life. 

A rich brown variant is the Bamboo Ricethis cures knee pain and arthritis. Rich in Vitamin B, Calcium and Phosphorus, it helps in easing joint pains, rheumatoid arthritis and gradually cures it. It is suitable for diabetic patients and controls the cholesterol levels in the body. 

Look no further to cleanse your intestine and promote your digestive functions. Your magic rice is the red variant, Kudavazhai. It is only natural to mention, once your toxins are out, your immunity is great. Kudal, refers to intestines in Tamil – hence the name of this rice. It helps the intestines to live longer (Vazhai, from its name) with good health. 

On the same lines, a red rice suitable for those suffering from constipation issues is Karuthakkar. It is also used in many medicines. 

Another medicinal property rich rice is ChandiKar, it helps strengthen the nervous system and is recommended to be had by those suffering from incurable diseases. 

There are multiple other rice varieties that our Farmers are cultivating. Some variants are Kallundai Samba, Kaadai Samba, Annam Azhagi, Seetha Bogam, Puzhugu Samba, Kurum Samba, Kulliyadichan, Mani Samba, Malli Samba, Milagu Samba, Mei Samba, Valaithadi Samba, Vaalan Arisi, Kaivarai Samba and so on. 

In a nutshell, every rice of the traditional rice family is good for health in overall manner. As such one can consume it regularly, on a rotation to get the benefits of it, in general. However, some rice varieties can be consumed or targeted for recovering from specific ailments. All rice varieties can be consumed by children and adults. Their glycaemic index is low, they help in managing heart health and good cholesterol, improve digestion processes, cleanse the toxins from the system, and don’t give the bloated feeling. Most of all it is all grown organically, and the fear of pesticides and preservatives can be forgotten. 

We, at Organic Positive, are in the process of procuring Hand Pounded Rice varieties (Unpolished Rice varieties without the presence of husk) and all the other native rice varieties (Semi Polished white rice varieties and colored rice varieties) our Farmers have begun cultivating. We require your support so that we can in turn reach out to the farmers and make them grow these rare, rich variants and help our generation and future generations to restore our health. 

We have also mentioned earlier that more members of the population consume such rice varieties, the farmers will also happily grow such rice varieties and we will have a good supply of these, which in turn may gradually reduce our expenses spent on procuring them. This may take a little while, but the sooner we adapt to healthier choices, the benefits are for all of us, collectively. 

Visit our Website for all your needs. We have made it simpler for you to order and also, we give the same amount of care to all our customers. Rest assured, this is run and led by a mompreneur and I would give the same care to your household members as if they are my own and will only bring in products, that my family is personally satisfied with. 

Let us embrace mother earth and consume organic produces. 

Get in touch with us for your organic needs, and on any questions, you may have on this content. Do stay tuned and check our website for frequent updates on new products and other beneficial information.

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Introducing Native Rice varieties

Introducing Native Rice varieties … [ Contd. ]

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