Introducing Native Rice Varieties … [ Contd. ]

Introducing Native Rice Varieties … [ Contd. ]

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Festivities were and are around the corner and We, at Organic Positive, have personally had the satisfaction of making delicious and healthy delicacies for many of my beloved customers and their families for this season. 

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As promised, Here is the next release on my blog.  We will deep delve into our Traditional Rice varieties. The satisfaction that I get out of this series is to bring back to each of your homes, the long-forgotten rice varieties, which are the wealth of our land.

Without any further delay, let us get into the topic.

Traditional Rice Varieties – A Deep Delve

In the previous blog post, I mentioned how our ancestors were blessed with More than One Lakh Indigenous Rice Varieties in their era and how, over the passage of time, our generations have only a few hundred available today. 

The cultivation of Paddy has existed for several thousands of years by our ancestors.  These have grown in all weather conditions bearing the various changes that occurred in the environment, climatic conditions, floods, snowfall, and even natural calamities.

 can rightly be said, Our Farmers were scientists; their tools were their Seeds and the Knowledge they gained from their forefathers. They knew what to cultivate, when, and how; Which of the variant will flourish in a said situation and which would not. The Agricultural Revolution had brought about a drastic change which made the focus on cultivating more “Hybrids “ replacing our Traditional Rice varieties, which were medicines by themselves, that our ancestors did not have the need to seek other medicines for their livelihood, unlike us.  We are in a stage, where we should preserve, protect, treasure, and grow the ones that are available.  Several Farmers, Organic Farming enthusiasts, and agriculturalists have led to finding, and preserve the variants we have today, and it is our duty to hold on to the goodness and transform our lives.

Our Ancient Literary works have references to these rice variants and how they are beneficial to the earth and humans who consume them.  Not only do these adages contain the characteristic feature of each of the variants, but also their growth period, the places they are grown, their flavor, their significance, etc.,  On analyzing these verses, one can find that the struggle of today’s generation, mainly the lifestyle-induced diseases could be brought under control and eradicated with regular consumption of these rice varieties, in the said manner.  The brilliance of such poetry and our land’s tradition cannot be measured, however – we can treasure it and multiply their manifold goodness!

All the Variants of Traditional Rice varieties combat and cure illnesses like imbalances between Vata – Pitta – Kapha, Flu, Diseases of Bile, Intestines, Indigestion, Allergies, Overheating of the body, Food Poisoning, Stimulating Appetite, Infertility, Poor Physique, Lethargy, Leprosy, High Blood Pressure, Liver, Kidney, Cancer, Diabetes, etc., are just a few that get treated with regular consumption of these rice variants. 

Rice is the staple food of our land. It contains, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Fibre, etc. Neither Hybrid nor the Polished versions of Rice will do any good for us and post the polishing we eat the residue without any of the beneficial content in them with only the starch content. But we can change our lives for good, by understanding the traditional rice variants and going back to our roots with better knowledge.  Hand Pounded, Unpolished Traditional Rice varieties must be our choice. 

So, let us explore some pertinent details about them and understand Who, What, Why, and How we can Consume them: 

The very basic fact that the traditional paddy by itself does not require artificial growth boosters or chemicals to protect them and has in them good immunity while they grow from paddy to rice, upon sowing, is the first and foremost reason, we should be consuming them, as their goodness would pass onto us through consumption, in the right way. 

I would like to mention that I am doing immense research on this subject by referring to various texts and having conversations with many Farmers from which I have gained a treasure trove of knowledge.  I wanted to pass it on to the readers of my blog, and hence this attempt. 

Traditional Rice variants are available in various color ranges of White, Yellow, Red, Black, and Brown.  They grow between 60 to 270 days.  They are named by considering various attributes like their color, flavor, the land in which they are cultivated, their shape, their special feature/s, the ailment which they can help eradicate, the time they are ready for harvest, and the like. 

Traditional Rice varieties need not only be consumed as Porridge or in a Watery Form that is tasteless but can be transformed in numerous ways without losing their nutrient value into our snack/savory, incorporated and replaced in our meal instead of the polished rice varieties, flattened rice varieties and can be used to make our usual tiffin items. We are having plans from Organic Positive to include some detailed recipes for you to try out and incorporate the usage of the traditional rice varieties into your everyday lifestyle. 

White Rice varieties and their Benefits: 

Those who would want to begin consuming Traditional Rice varieties can begin with White Rice varieties.  We are all conditioned to accept that the rice or sadham (சாதம்), for consumption should be white and it would take some time to come out of that thought and whole-heartedly accept and acknowledge the others. 

In this segment, we will see the various White Rice varieties that can be incorporated in our daily lives.  

What I often hear from my Customers is, I am a Diabetic or I had Gestational Diabetes or the elders at home are Diabetic – We have been advised not to have Rice – Can I / They Consume Traditional Rice varieties? 

To all those out there, who have this question in your mind, here is my response… 

Rice is our Staple Food, and we must consume it.  Moderation is the key in our life, in all aspects, I would say.  Yes, it is a known fact, in today’s lifestyle, many of us suffer from TYPE 2 Diabetes.  Women suffer from PCOS, and PCOD and are given medication for the same, which is for Pre-Diabetic / Type 2 Diabetes.  Please have Rice, along you have been having the Hybrid ones and it got you to the stage of these lifestyle issues.  Now, is the time to replace your Hybrid / Modern Rice with the Traditional Rice varieties and see for yourself that you can Reverse your Life Style Issues and those who are healthy today will become younger and healthier as you grow old – when age is only going to be a number and your health is going to be better each day!   

Diabetes is a Dietary Disease but it can be reversed, when it is lifestyle induced and is TYPE 2.  No doubt, controlling what you eat, how you work out, and how much you weigh are all important, and together determine your overall health, but Food is the Sustenance of Life – if you eat right, you can set your life in the right path.

In general, the Glycemic Index [The rate at which the glucose mixes in your blood is called Glycemic Index] of the Traditional Rice varieties is low, hence it can be consumed by those suffering from diabetes.  Apart from this, let us see the specific benefits one gets out of consuming every White Rice Variant I am going to describe below, apart from being a good choice for those suffering from Diabetes.

All the rice varieties mentioned below are grown through Organic Farming without any harmful chemicals or pesticides.  The husk of most of these rice varieties can be used as fodder/feed for our cattle.  The manure derived from the Farm Animals is in turn given back to the growing crops as their feed.  As I mentioned in the past, if we “Nurture Nature”, it is we, who are going to benefit.


Tasty white-colored rice, which is an excellent substitute for your everyday consumption is Thooyamalli Rice.  It protects and heals your internal organs with amazing anti-aging properties and aids in the strengthening of the nervous system.

Kichali or Kichadi Samba is yet another White Rice, which boosts your immune, strengthens your muscles, and provides an immense amount of iron and calcium to your body.  It is often mentioned that people with lesser physical activity can consume this variant and derive larger benefits because of its property.  Arcot Kichadi Samba is one other variant of this rice.

Thanga Samba, aptly named keeps your skin, teeth, and heart-healthy because of its anti-aging properties.  True to its name, the grain by itself looks like gold. It is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, which makes one glow from the inside.  What we consume, defines how we look and how our health is.  The physical appearance of one brightens up without any exterior beautification of oneself, on regular consumption of this rice.

One of the aromatic rice varieties, Seeraga Samba helps in building immunity.  While the presence of Selenium in it prevents colon and intestinal cancer. The fragrant and flavorful Seeraga Samba is used for Biryani Preparations because of its ability to aid in digestion. This is one of the rice varieties that is most suited for Pregnant Women. It relieves Constipation, cures Rheumatic Diseases, and helps to combat ulcers and mouth ulcers. Children and Elders can relish this rice, as it makes them more alert, avoid lethargy, and feeling tired, and helps to cleanse the system.  It is good for both men and women of fertile age.  This rice also aids in curing heart issues and helps prevent cancer.  In general, one can say, it increases the life span of the individual consuming it, as the benefits this rice brings to those who consume it keeps the person hale and healthy.

An excellent rice variety to cure anemia, protect the skin from any diseases, and the body from cancer.  It cleanses your intestines, improves the circulation of blood, cures urinary tract infections, aids in digestive disorders, and is rich in nutrients and fiber.  This is none other than our White Rice called Garudan Samba.  Including this rice in your daily consumption, helps you reap its benefit over a period of time.

Kalanamak Rice is aromatic rice, which was known to have been consumed by Buddha.  He advocated it as a medicine for many ailments.  It comes under the Satvik Rice Category.  It is a powerhouse of Zinc, Iron, and 40+ minerals in it.  This rice helps one to recover from Blood Cancer by increasing the cell count in the blood, helps in urinary tract infection cure, and is a good source of nutrient-rich rice,  for the Brain, Kidney, Nervous System, and Circulatory systems.  Those ailing from Kidney issues, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, or Skin, and Bone Problems can find their cure by regularly consuming this rice.  Also, it is one of the rice varieties advised to be consumed by Pregnant Women.

Illupai Poo Samba is white rice, which, derives its name from the fragrance it emits, which is similar to the Mahua Flower.  It is best suited for Biryanis due to its aroma and it is one of those rice varieties that can be easily cooked.  It is rich in Vitamin E, which restores the damaged cells in the body.  It is suitable for women of menstruating age, specifically to consume during their monthly cycles, which helps in relieving them of body aches.  It also helps those suffering from Stroke, or any ailments that result from excessive body heat.

Except for Seeraga Samba, All these Rice varieties can be used in the form of Cooked Rice, Biryani, Idly, and Dosa for the Batter, Puttu, Idiyappam, and Kozhukkatai in the form of the flour used and in Sweet Kheer and as a Porridge.  While our Seeraga Samba Rice is most preferred as a Cooked Rice and for Biryani.

I hope your basic questions about What, and how to use in your daily lives as a substitute for White Rice are answered in this blog.  Please do reach out to us, for any doubts you may have.  Organic Positive has sourced all these rice variants from the Organic Farmers directly and we provide you all of them at the best quality in the most competitive and affordable price varieties in the market. 

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Introducing Native Rice varieties

I am going to come back next week with quite a lot of interesting information on Red, Black, and Brown Rice Variants, so do watch out for the space. 

With this information, for now, I am signing off, do drop your comments and questions for me.

Stay Happy and Healthy!

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