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Here is a simple recipe using Kodo millet and flax seeds. Kodo Millet: ➖➖➖➖

🎆Kodo millet is one of the most ancient grains in the world.

🎆First, these millets originated in Africa and later were domesticated in India several thousand years ago. It is a drought-resistant plant!

🎆Kodo millets are generally rich in dietary fiber and minerals like iron, phosphorus, antioxidants. These nutritional grains are reportedly beneficial in fighting back asthma, migraine, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and heart attack!

🎆The high fiber in these millets prevents the formation of gall stones. Consumption of Kodo millets has very broad health benefits such as prevention of insulin resistance, obesity, breast cancer, and premature death! Because of its vast benefits, these millets are also called “Nutricereals”.

Flax Seeds: ➖➖➖➖

🎆Flax Seeds are popularly known as linseeds and are small oil seeds that originated in the Middle East many thousands of years ago. In recent times, they have been topping the charts as a health food.

🎆This is a very good source of Omega 3 fatty acids and high-quality protein for vegetarians. This also contains plenty of magnesium, thiamine, phosphorus, copper, manganese and is a very good source of dietary fiber.

🎆There’s some evidence it may help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes.

🎆Flax seeds also help to regulate the Menstrual cycle.

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